Starting Fresh by Paul Gallant

Last week I was interviewed by Paul Gallant for an article he was writing about FreshBooks, an online invoicing service. I have been a client of theirs for a very long time, and actually recall when they were rebranded to FreshBooks from 2ndSite with a neat Brand Murder Mystery, so it was really neat to offer my experiences with Paul.

Of course, being interviewed makes me a bit nervous but Paul listened well and the interview started to feel more like a casual conversation. I explained as best as I could on how easy it was to use the service, how much easier it made my life and the very awesome support I received when things didn’t go as expected (which were few and far between) with support tickets and forum discussions.

“FreshBooks was not a tech company, it was a service company…”

Mike McDerment, The President and CEO (Co-Founder) of FreshBooks is a great guy too. He’s been really active in the digital technology community in Toronto and has a vision of Toronto being “start-up minded as California’s Silicone Valley” which I’m in total agreement with, Toronto has so much talent and potential. I also recall a very awesome Meetup back in 2007, Billable Hours, where Mike discussed the secrets and hurdles to creative success!

FreshBooks Co-Founder, Mike McDerment - Tanja Tiziana

So yeah, I’m a client and a fan of FreshBooks and the people behind that company. They provide super easy solution to send, track and collect payments quickly! It is so perfect for a freelancer like me.

Read Starting Fresh by Paul Gallant.