Kick in the Pants!

Nothing like the start of a new year to motivate people into making resolutions, taking up goals and generally pushing themselves into doing and being better which is what I am going to do.

Just a bit before the holidays, I finally got around to watching Mad Men – something I should have done when it first came out – and couldn’t stop watching until today, when I finished that last episode of season three. It’s an amazing show and there’s one particular scene (season three, episode seven), that stands out from the rest for me. It’s essentially a scene where Don Draper takes out his frustrations on Peggy Olson by ripping her a new one but after that he tells her “You’re good. Get better.” Without over analyzing the scene itself, those few lines really hit me hard.

I consider myself pretty humble, and as talented as I can be or possibly think that I am, I am constantly striving to be better. So with Don Draper’s words in my head, I feel like I can take pride in that I am good, and that I can still be better. Now that’s a kick in the pants!