Install Essential Applications In A Breeze with Ninite Easy PC Setup

I recently came across this new tool that will likely speed up my application management process. At any point where you have to reinstall or setup a new computer, you have to arm yourself with all the applications essential to your work/fun flow. Sometimes, that requires you to search your archives or search for them online but you can save yourself a boat load of time by trying out Ninite Easy PC Setup.

ninite installer

Get all your favourite applications installed in 3 hot steps:

  1. Select your applications.
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run it and voila! You’re done like turkey.


  • Doesn’t install all the extra features like toolbars and suggested applications
  • Save time from searching for the latest applications and installing them one by one
  • Smart enough to install the correct version and language for your PC (32/64bit)


  • Free version requires online access to automatically check/request the latest applications
  • Premium version is required to create an offline installer
  • Premium version follows a monthly subscription based model (um, I don’t think its worth especially when all these programs are free)
  • Doesn’t have all my essential applications (Vuze, Media Monkey, WAMP, XAMPP, Windows Live Writer) but then again, it might have all that you need

I’m willing to give this a try because it really does include the majority of what I need and use on a daily basis. However, I’m not made of money and this is something I wouldn’t want to spend monthly on when I hardly install programs on a near-constant basis. I’d rather geek out with some toys.

Do you think this something that might help you? What’s your own time-saving tools?