Inspired to Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes I can get too busy being busy that I hardly ever give time to myself, time to mentally relax from juggling projects for other people in my brain and re-ignite the passion and inspiration that I have for design. As humble as I can be, I really want to showcase a lot of what I have done and show everyone the potential that I have, to do more and be more. I hope to get this website completed and launched for tomorrow, to finally share the work that I have done independently and as an integral team member of Casco Design and Communications.

For the longest time I have hesitated and shelved this website because I could never settle on the direction or format it should take. I argued with myself that it should be more professional, more personal, less words, more visuals. I just couldn’t decide for myself what I wanted or needed.

Well, I just don’t feel like I can put this off any longer and for now, I want to keep moving forward and put it out there. I design and develop some pretty damn good websites and people oughta know it. I consider this my step into finally having a platform and purpose for this site, to share my work and inspiration in design. Thanks for sticking around.


  • Johnson

    Sooo you finally took the time to create a more accurately representative web persona eh? This website is about a million times better than the previous version. I like the fact it combines Personal Donna with Professional Donna without clashing. Solid colour scheme too…I would never be able to blend red and green together without offending myself. You’ve saved yourself from some serious heckling Donna…you’re lucky…THIS TIME!

    Well done!

  • Donna Vitan

    Thank you so much for your kind words Johnson. I really appreciate your support and patience during development.