Infographic: IT jobs with the highest pay and fastest growth

I’m trying out this subscription to Globe and Mail, and inside they had Backbone Magazine which is pretty cool and filled with such on-point articles. It surprises me because I haven’t read newspapers in a while and I pretty much get my tech news online and from my fiance, Jason, and also because much of my magazine consumption is of the fast fashion/celebrity gossip variety.


Read this: Help (Really) Wanted by Lisa Manfield

It’s no secret that skilled IT workers are in high demand, and even though it is not a new trend, the need for them is only going to keep on growing. I honestly believe that all young students should become familiar with coding; knowing their basic HTML and Javascript could give them the edge they need to succeed and be at the top of their field, whatever that may be. I suppose that saying they need HTML and Javascript would be too specific, but what I really mean is, students need to be hip to technology.

And my love of infographics continue:

via, Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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