Great Introduction to the Best Open Source CMS

The Best Open Source CMS Mainly Used for Blogging

Posted by Ray Cheung as Framework

All websites require their content to showcase in a very professional manner. Since it is very hard for a single person or team to do it by himself/herself, they look for help in designing and maintaining the websites. This is where the importance of CMS systems props up. These systems not only help in creating a good website but also help in managing and updating the website. Given below are some of the very Best Free CMS which are Mainly used for Blogging Purposes.

This is a very cool introduction to many open source CMS which are mainly used for blogging. Some of which I am familiar with and some I am now interested in looking into, simply wondering if it will improve development.

In this article, Ray covers the following:

Unless you’re creating a simple brochure site in which the content hardly change, you may not need a CMS at all. And if you were looking to develop a rather complicated and comprehensive website/portal then you may want to have a more in-depth research on these CMS. Some of these platforms range from what I would consider light (easy and straightforward) to heavy (complicated and will do much more than just building a blog).

So do your own research, try them out and see what fits your needs.