Responsive email templates

Scotiabank's customer communications were primarily managed by the marketing department. As the influence and management of digital properties grew within the Digital Factory, responsibilities shifted to the scrum teams working on them.

As part of the effort to update the Small Business Account onboarding experience, we redesigned the whole set of customer emails that supported the application process. The responsive redesign was meant to maintain the recognizable structure of existing email designs, but in a clean and minimal way that align with newer designs of onboarding experiences for both Small Business and Credit Cards. The simple design was also intended to be distinct so that there were no confusion between marketing and service emails. This design allowed the content to be the primary focus.

While the redesign originated with the Small Business onboarding experience, it applied to the Credit Card experience, and so on to the rest of the other onboarding experiences.

Responsive email templates Responsive email templates
Responsive email templates

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