I want to thank you for your important contribution to The BIG Guide website. There are many things I can say about your work.

You were a critical component to the successfully launching our site. You worked very hard and you were always professional in executing your tasks. You never succumbed to work load pressure (even though this project often added substantially to your work load). You worked late to meet deadlines. You are strong.

You exhibited creativity and critical thinking at all times. You identified problems and came forth with solutions. You were engaged and assumed managerial functions that were a great help to me. You played a major role as part of the three person management team who helped me launch this new and complex website.

I am very proud of your work and I am proud to work with you. Many thanks for all your efforts Donna.


Jean-Marc Hachey, Author and Publisher
The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas
Intercultural Systems /Systèmes interculturels (ISSI) Inc.
jmhachey@workingoverseas.com, www.WorkingOverseas.com